Entry to Secondary in 2018

Before you apply, we request that you consider very carefully the long-term, whole-family commitment involved. We encourage you to look closely at our curriculum and find out more about becoming bilingual. Learning in two languages is a wonderful opportunity but it will be hard work and needs your full commitment.

Europa Quad2

Science, English and Philosophy will be taught in English. History and Geography in the second language (French or German in 2018). Another language will be compulory, but taught as a second language. Please bear in mind that the level of the second language is a lot higher than that in most other UK schools, at a bilingual or near bilingual level.

Please read this document that is provided by the government and gives a short explanation on the European Schools and the European Baccalaureate from a British perspective. The curriculum map for 2017-18 can be found here

- Year 7: we will have some places, as we increase the class size from 28 to 30 and expect a higher turnover than other year groups. Applications for secondary, including Yr7 in September 2018 will need to be submitted as an in-year transfer the first week of June:

6th Form applications - Year 12

For applications for the 6th form, please contact the school directly. There are places, but there are some entry requirements.

Contact us

Please give the name of your child and their date of birth and current school/country/class, so we can answer you with the most accurate information possible. The school receives a lot of enquiries, so please be patient.