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Our Planet – Film festival

5FE were thrilled to take part in an online film festival on 11 June, presenting…

Model European Council 2021

March 15th to 19th, nine of our S6 students joined European Schools to discuss European Current…

European Karting championship -Belgium

Last weekend I competed in the first round of the IAME European karting championships in…


Our S7 students  were  invited on 12 March 2021 to the Euroscola online event. It…

Model European Council 2021

During this last week (15th March – 19th March), nine S6 students participated in a…

Hoe Meer Zielen’ (‘The More Souls’)

Commemoration of European Education in Culham 1978-2021

St Martin’s 2020 online event

Our PTA and teachers have outdone themselves this year by creating this very popular school…

Language Lab

We are very excited to announce the opening of our new Language Lab where students…

Munuccle 2020

MUNUCCLE 2020 (2nd October-4th October) at school room 200, 10  S7 participants (1 bubble in…

Model United Nations 2020

Qu’est-ce qu’un MUN ? Une modélisation des Nations Unies (ou MUN) est une simulation, un…

Oxford German Network Olympiad

The 2019/20 participation in the Oxford German Network Olympiad was again a very successful year….

Educational trips

In Year S2 pupils usually spend 3 nights at Hadrian’s Wall in the north of England.  This trip covers work both on Human Science and second language.

S2 students also regularly welcome students from a school abroad for a couple of days and visit London and Oxford together with their guests.

In Year S4 students participate in a language exchange.  One week is spent with a host family in France/ Germany/Spain/Italy, and the host student spends one week in the UK with their guest.  Students not having Language 2 English must visit the country of their first foreign language. Other students visit the country of their second foreign language (Language 3).

The school also organises a number of outings/trips with overnight stay abroad for students based on their interests, like participation in competitions such as Eurosport, the science festival, Model European Nations, Model European Council, music exchanges etc ….

In S6 the trip is for one week and is of a cultural nature.  Previous years’ trips have been to Prague, Berlin, Rome, Warsaw, Brittany, and Latvia.

Trip All or some? year Group
Ecology All S4
Puy Du Fou All S3
French Exchange S4
Spanish Exchange S4
Italian Exchange S4
German Exchange S4
MUN (Model United Nations) Selection S4 & S7
FAMES (ES festival of Arts and Music) Selection S4-S7
MEC Model European Council Selection S6
Hadrian’s Wall All S2
S6 Cultural Trip Selection S6
S6 geography trip Selection S6
Science Symposium Selection S1-S7
Eurosport Selection S2-S7





European Hours

During European hours children from Year 4 upwards get the chance to work on short projects in mixed language streams. These projects often have a global aspect, including 3D maps of Europe, creating displays of possible school motto’s to reflect our global outlook, looking at environmental issues and art projects based on various renowned artists. Some of the projects are multilingual like this audio presentation of the school:


In History and Discovery of the world the school follows the curriculum of the European Schools with an international approach to the subject.

Within RE sessions throughout primary we study and celebrate various religious and cultural events. Most year groups spend some class time looking at Chinese New year and incorporate the writing, varying zodiac stories and other aspects of the new year. Some of the Chinese families in our community hold a Chinese New Year snack sale at the end of the school day. Eid, Hannukah, Diwali and Christmas and Easter are also studied to reflect our community and extend our understanding of cultural and religious beliefs around the world. All major world religions are studied during the primary years and put into context, within age appropriate ranges,  Geographically, through moral codes, customs and how faith can influence everyday practice and laws.