If you find ‘A’ levels too restrictive you may be interested in the Baccalaureate for our 2020 intake.

The students at the school are kind, welcoming and independent. The school encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning. You will have study periods which you can spend in the art block working on art projects, the library or even on the basketball court.

All this is free, as a state school we do not charge. However, we do ask families, if they are able, to make a voluntary contribution to support the extra opportunities that this unique school provides to our students.

To apply, please contact our admissions’ officer.

Depending on your background education, you may be asked to sit some tests (e.g. in Maths, French/German/Spanish and/or English).

Example Baccalaureate exams:

French L2 Exam German L2 Exam Maths 3 Period Exam