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Message from the Principal

The Europa School UK is unique, a place of welcome, where we rejoice in our differences as they bring such a rich cultural life to the school; a school which is both a UK state school and an IB World School.

On one beautiful site, our pupils can follow our multilingual curriculum from age 4 to 18, culminating in the highly respected International Baccalaureate Diploma.

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In Primary, half the week is taught through English and half taught through French, German or Spanish. At home, the pupils might speak English or any of roughly twenty other languages present in our community, united by the school but spread throughout Oxfordshire. It is not unknown for a child in Reception to be using four languages between school and home – and it works, not least because our dedicated staff have the experience and application needed to make it work.

In Secondary, History and Geography are studied in a second language, ensuring a deep academic and empathetic engagement with our multicultural approach. Our pupils are confident in their own roots and confident to broaden their horizons.

Throughout, we use a programme developed through cooperation among educational experts from many countries. It is well structured with a consistent academic standard. The Baccalaureate provides opportunity for deep study in some areas while preserving a rounded education through to the age of 18. With a strong reputation built over 60 years, it is highly respected by universities. The school has an excellent academic record and expects most of our students to go on to higher education .

For all the academic success, spread broadly through ability levels, the most frequent observation made by visitors is the warm welcome and friendliness evident in our school.

Lynn Wood


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Europa School Mission Statement

The mission of the Europa School is to provide a multilingual and multicultural education for primary and secondary level pupils through a broad and challenging curriculum.

Our students experience the joy of learning together in a mutually respectful community. They develop skills which equip them for further studies, an enriched cultural life and a global perspective to help create a better and more peaceful world.


The Europa School is a multicultural school, providing education in various languages. It is important that we learn to work together to achieve our goal of providing our pupils with the best possible start in life. We expect our staff and pupils to be respectful towards and even curious about the various cultures they encounter in the school. We expect an open-minded attitude and open communication. We feel that by combining our cultures, we will become stronger as a whole.