Europa School UK is part of Oxfordshire County Council's admissions round for 2019 and for subsequent years

Please give the name of your child and his/her date of birth and current class when e-mailing us.

We admit from 2019, 90 pupils per year for three classes in Reception. One learning through French and English, the second through German and English and through Spanish and English (for September 2019 there is only Spanish for Reception and Year 1, 2, 3, and year 4, not for the higher classes, this will grow with one year group each year). Please go here for secondary admission information.

Before you apply, we request that you consider very carefully the long-term, whole-family commitment involved. We encourage you to look closely at our curriculum and find out more about becoming bilingual. Learning in two languages is a wonderful opportunity but it will be hard work and needs your full commitment.

Open days

We have generally 3 open days per year, including a Saturday. Children are welcome, but it tends to be a bit long for them, so please bring some toys along. We would appreciate a quick e-mail with the name of your child and how many people will attend. The sessions generally take about 1.5 hours including a tour of the school, but it depends on how many questions there are. 

- The next open days will be in the Autum term of 2019-20

Entry to primary (in-year application)

Please fill in an application form on the website of the county council to add your child's name to the waiting list: and add your name to our mailing list so we can get quickly in touch about the language, if an offer can be made. 

If you would like to apply for a place, the process is handled by Oxfordshire County Council. Details are available at moving into the area from elsewhere in the UK or from abroad may need our extra guidance with the procedure. Please contact us by e-mail if you have any questions that we may be able to assist you with. 

If you apply for the school and are initially unsuccessful, you may request that the county council holds your details on a continued interest list and we would then inform you if a place becomes available for your child. Please remember to apply for each subsequent school year around the beginning of June of each year:

Entry to Reception 2019

Applications can usually be submitted from around October of the year before, this year from 25 October 2018, on the website of the county council.

More information on the application process for Reception can be found here. The school will admit 90 pupils in reception this year.

Further information

Admissions Policy (up to and including 2019) 
Admissions arrangements 2020 – 2021 
Frequently Asked Questions
Information on the 2018 Reception admissions round
Information on previous year's admissions

Enquiries: The Europa School UK is its own admissions authority. To confirm whether your child is on our continued interest list or to discuss the prospects of obtaining a place, please contact the school and not Oxfordshire County Council. Please mention in your e-mail the name of your child or names of your children and their dates of births. 

Kiddylinguistics: even though the nursery is located on school premises, it is an independent organisation and attendance does not give any priority for entry to the school. Please refer to our admissions policy for information on our oversubscription criteria. 

Trial days: being invited for a trial day does not mean your child has been guaranteed a place, as we often organise these before the formal admissions period. 


More information:

If your school place application is not successful, you will be able to appeal. You can do this by emailing If you would like to appeal by post, please write to:

Richard Doney
Education Appeals Law and Governance 
Oxfordshire County Council 
County Hall 
New Road 
OX1 1ND 

Please read our appeals timetable for more information.

Admissions arrangements 2020 – 2021 

The nodal points referred to in over-subscription criterion D (or E in the new proposed admissions policy) are marked approximately on the map below.