Contacts Parent-Run school buses:

There are 2 bus organisations, both run and organised by parents themselves. The school does not receive any public funding to run buses.

Before informing the school of your child’s routine, make sure you sign up for a school place with the above-mentioned bus organisers. You need to inform the school AFTER you have booked a place with the coordinators.

The school helps parents of young children by providing supervision from the moment the bus arrives at school in the morning and after school until the child is handed over to the bus driver.

In order to make sure children up to year 3 go on the correct bus (there are 11 at the moment), the school prints off a daily bus list. Please check the schedule in SchoolBase in the menu you can access from the left. There is no bus list for older pupils.

OCC fares – Application for Spare Seats Scheme 2019

Residents of the following villages are eligible to apply for full-time OCC passes at the following prices:
Sutton Courtenay, Appleford, Milton, Steventon, Long Wittenham, Dorchester, Berinsfield, Burcot, Clifton Hampden
Under 3 miles from home to school £370.64 per annum £123.55 per term
3 miles and over from home to school £690.72 per annum £230.24 per term

Current bus routes (please confirm with the bus coordinators):

  1. Route bus 1 (Bloc) – Boundary House, Botley, Summertown, North Oxford
  2. Route bus 2  (Bloc) – Bayswater Rd, Headington, Iffley Rd, Sandford/Thames, ESUK
  3. Route bus 3  (Bloc) – Binsley Lane, Cumnor, Wootton, Abingdon
  4. Route bus 4  (Bloc) – Abingdon, Radley, Kennington, South Oxford
  5. Route bus 5  (CBC) – Chilton, Didcot, Ladygrove, Appleford
  6. Route bus 6 (CBC) – Southmoor,  Marcham, South Abingdon, Drayton, Milton, Sutton Courtenay
  7. Route bus 7  (CBC) – Tilehurst, Goring, Crowmarsh, Benson, Shillingford, Dorchester, Berinsfield
  8. Route bus 8 (CBC) – Grove, Wantage, Ardington, East Hendred, Steventon, Drayton
  9. Route bus 9 (CBC) – Cholsey, Wallingford, Brightwell, Long Wittenham
  10. Route bus 10 (CBC) – Forest Hill, Wheatley, Horspath, Garsington, Blackbird Leys, Berinsfield, Drayton St Leonard, Burcot, Clifton Hampden
  11. Route bus 11 (Bloc) – Marston, Cowley Rd, Littlemore, Nuneham Courtenay, ESUK
  12. Route bus 12 (CBC) – Grove, Milton, Sutton Courtenay (mornings only, pupils take bus 8 in the afternoon)
  13. Wednesday lunchtime buses


Please consider whether your child is sufficiently mature to be on the bus. The bus driver is often the only monitor, so the children have to stay in their seat with a seat-belt on and follow the bus driver’s instructions. For young children, the days may be too long and they may become too tired for learning during the school day. Since some young children cope fine, the school leaves it up to the discretion of the parents.

For Reception children, please check first with the teachers if they believe the child is mature enough to take the bus, and consider allowing your child to settle into school for a term before signing up for the afternoon bus. The children stay 45 minutes longer at school than their classmates, and at that age they are very tired at the end of the school day.

There are currently 130 children from Reception to year 3 taking the bus, so it’s very busy. For this age group, please  AVOID changing the weekly routine.

In the mornings, there is supervision on the playground, but the children have to walk from the bus to the playground unsupervised, so the children need to be trusted to go directly to the playground. Staff do not check the bus when it arrives


For all Reception to year 3, please notify the school bus coordinator of your child’s regular bus routine. For younger pupils, do not deviate from the routine apart from emergencies. With 11 buses, the risk for error is just too great. There is more flexibility from year 4 onward, when children are more mature. If it is too difficult, please consider other arrangements. In total we have now over 300 children taking the bus, so it is a very busy end of day.


For Reception to year 3 pupils, it is important to inform the school bus coordinator of any changes in the bus routine as soon as possible, and absolutely before 12.30pm of the day of the change, since the bus list is done daily at lunchtime. Do not just tell the teacher or leave a note, but fill in the online form.

If you inform the school after the bus list has been done, this means we have to interrupt the class to let the teacher know. Teachers do NOT generally read their emails during the day. We will only interrupt classes for emergencies.

If there is any doubt, the school will keep a child at school.

Free School Transport provided by the county council.

To check whether your child is eligible, please go here:

Visitor Information

Travel and accommodation information

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There is a small train station about 15 minutes walk from the school. Please check the time carefully though, as there are not many trains stopping. For more information see:

Local Bus

New bus route 45.  This is a public bus which anyone can use. It will stop at the school at request.
Fares: Child: Single £1.70   Day return £2.50   10 singles £11.90
            Adult: Single £2.50   Day return £3.80   10 singles £18.00