Sustainability at Europa School UK

Our mission

Europa School UK is dedicated to support students in:

  • Learning to respect and care for our planet
  • Exploring what sustainability means and looks like through concrete actions
  • Empowering them with the tools they need to become agents of change now and in the future.

In both our primary and secondary schools, numerous initiatives are run each year to encourage children and young adults to think and act sustainably.

Thanks to all we are doing, we are proud to share that Europa is now Eco-School accredited.

How do we do this?

Weekly primary and secondary Eco Clubs (‘Go Ecolo’ in secondary and the primary ‘Eco Club’)

Including an Eco-drama Club, which empower children and young adults to make decisions and take actions.

Annual ecology-related film making

by Primary and Secondary presented at the Critical Connections Festival Goldsmiths University of London. See the award winning ‘De ma fenêtre’ film from the 5FE primary class (2021-2022).

From my Window.mp4 from Critical Connections on Vimeo.


Links to sustainability are being built into our year group/subject curriculums within Primary and Secondary.


UCL LogoProjects in partnership with researchers from UCL (Mina Vasalou and Andrea Gauthier)

These have been running for several years, for example:

Fast fashion digital tool design with Year 5

UCL Project fast fashion Europa school Eco ClubEco action digital tool development with the Primary Eco Club – find out more about Europa as the Pilot school here

Grant applications with the Royal Research Society related to science and sustainability for KS2

Hosting local best-practice events where local schools meet to share their own journey on the road to sustainability. Check out the findings from our last meeting.Eco School Best Practice Event at Europa



Earth day celebrations and exhibitions.Earth Day Celebrations at Europa School. Eco Club

If you would like to find out more or to support Europa School with sustainability, please contact