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Application deadlines

2 October 2023 18:00 (UK time)
Application deadline for conservatoire music applications. Applications for dance, drama, and musical theatre courses may have a different deadline – check conservatoires’ websites for information.
Please note: Some conservatoires work to their own deadlines – check their websites for more information.

16 October 2023 18:00 (UK time)
Deadline for applications to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and for most courses in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine/science to guarantee equal consideration.
31 January 2024 18:00 (UK time)
Deadline for most undergraduate courses and most conservatoire undergraduate dance, drama, or musical theatre courses. Applications can be sent after this, but providers cannot guarantee they’ll give it equal consideration.
Closing date for applications for all UCAS Undergraduate courses, except those with a 15 October deadline.
Universities and colleges do not have to consider applications received after the deadline, although they can if they have spaces available once the on-time applications have been considered.
28 Feb 2024
Extra opens. If a student has used all five choices and is not holding an offer, they can add another choice using Extra.
30 June 2024 18:00 (UK time)
Last date for receipt of applications with choices. Applications received after this deadline are automatically entered into Clearing.
4 July 2024
Extra closes.
5 July 2024
Clearing opens, and vacancies are shown in the UCAS search tool.

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