After school activities

After School Activities

Even after school hours, our site is quite a vibrant place. Not only can you see some teachers and administrative staff often around, there are also plenty of activities. 

Every day: the independent on-site Culham After School Club, provides for all ages after-school fun and care until 18.00, in so far as space allows. Please contact Mrs Ruth Mullen for more information. She also runs holiday clubs for the weeks that our school's holidays do not coincide with the rest of Oxfordshire, and can provide for teacher training days if there is sufficient interest.

For information on Music lessons, click here.

School organised activities

Overview with dates and prices: download here

Please read our After school club protocol carefully, if you decide to enrol your child. 

Sign up for parents: (only available at certain sign-up periods)

Contact Mrs Hanne Starling at: for any queries. 

Pleaese note that courses will only run if there is a minumum of students signed up. The exact number depends on the club in question.

How to pay

The prices can be found in the overview form. To pay, there are a number of options. An invoice will be issued the first week of term with instructions.

  • Cheque in a clearly named envelope with "Activity, name pupil, date" payable to Europa School UK
  • Tax free childcare (for children up to 11 years old):
  • Childcare vouchers:
    Sodexo (school number is: 878957)
    Enjoy Benefits
    Edenred (school number is P21145566)
  • Bank transfer as follows: Barclays Bank, Sort Code: 20-01-09, Account Number: 83331849, Ref: name pupil, activity

 Please note that we will use a different account for school trips and meals.

2017-18 timetable

Times: 15.45 -16.45 unless specified


  • Karate - Prim. Y2-6 & S1
  • Drama (English) - Prim. Y3-5 
  • French - Mixed abilties. S1-S3
  • Volleyball S5-7 17.00 -18.10
  • Running Club S1-S7 16.00 - 17.30


  • Pottery - Prim. Y2-6
  • Homework club (yr 3-6) (not first and last week of term).
  • Arabic Prim. Yr 1-3
  • Polish - Prim. Y2-5
  • Basketball Boys S1-4 16.00-17.10 
  • Basketball Girls S5-7 17.20-18.30
  • NEW Multisports Girls S4-S7 16.00 - 17.10
  • NEW Badminton Ladder S1-S7 12.35-13.20 FOC



  • Pottery - S1-5 13.30-15.30 (2 hours)
  • Chess - 13.30 - 14.30 (S1-S5)* 
  • Swim workout in the White horse centre 14.00 - 15.00 (departure by bus around 13.25 from school, return to school around 15.35 by bus) - S1-5
  • Rugby 13.30 - 15.30 S1-4
  • Volleyball S1-4 mixed 13.20-14.30
  • Volleyball S5-7 mixed
  • Theatre skills and performance - 13.30 -15.30 S3-5, (inscriptions for half a year until Feb half term).
  • Italian advanced-mixed abilities 14.30-15.30 S1-S4 via consulate


  • NEW Portuguese Yr1 - Yr4
  • Italian - mixed abilities  Prim. Y1-3NEW Portuguese Yr1- Yr4 
  • Pottery Prim. Y2-6
  • Homework club (Prim. Y3-6) (not first and last week of term).
  • Art&Craft/Cookery in French (After school club activity) - Yr1-6 Book here



  • Softball Prim. Y2-6
  • Italian for Italian speakers (via consulate)
  • Drama (english) Prim. 6 & S1-2 16.00 - 18.00 until february half term.
  • Arabic Prim. Y4-6
  • Basketball Girls S1-5 16.00-15.10
  • Basketball boys S5-7 17.20-18.30


  • Italian for Beginners (Prim. Y2-5)
  • Badminton Ladder S1-7 12.35 - 13.20 FOC
  • Football in Oxford (Europa Titans):
    • Mini Titans (yr 1 to yr 3) - 5pm to 6pm
    • U11/U12 - 6pm to 7pm, The U10/U11 team plays matches on Sundays

If children are interested in organised football training at weekends, Europa Titans are always looking for new members. Age range flexible depending on number interested (e.g. it would be difficult for a single year 1 pupil).


  • Football Prim. Y1-6 & S1-3 10.00-11.30 
  • Basketball Prim. Y2-4 10.00-11.00  (beginners/improvers) 
  • Basketball Prim. Y5-6 & S1-3 11.00 - 12.30 (advanced)
  • Coding club - Prim. Y5-6 & S1-2 14.00-15.30 (pupils that attended last year can continue if they are in year 4) (NB - starts 23rd)
  • NEW Debating workshop S4 - S7 14.00-16.30  (St. Hilda's College, Cowley Place, Oxford, OX4 1DY Hall Building Room 55) Jan 6th & 13th, Feb 3rd & 24th, Mar 3rd & 17th

 Music Lessons

Subscriptions for music lessons will be handled by the County Council Music service. Please sign up here: NB: any children below Year 4 signed up for music lessons during school hours will need to be brought to the lesson and picked up from the lesson by the parents. All children year 4 and older will be expected to make their own way. Year 3 already has violin lessons during school hours, as well as swimming lessons and the school does not want the pupils to have additional activities during school time, so please do not sign them up for the lessons during school time. Our secondary music teacher coordinates with the county council, so please contact Mrs Morris via the school reception for more information.