On Friday nine participants from Europa School UK had the privilege to be part of the Young People’s Forum which is part of the series ‘Making the Case for German’ ‘initiated and led by the German Ambassador to bring together stakeholder and other relevant organisations across various sectors to create an alliance for the promotion of German in the UK’. Our pupils German, Youth Forum, Europa, Goethe Institutecontributed their thoughts intrepidly in German in the on-line discussion. This covered important topics such as what can be done inside and outside the classroom to make German a smart choice for everyone, and the many successful careers open to learners of German. Pupils described the need for better resources for young and older learners, and emphasised how much this forum had stimulated their thoughts on professions involving German, amongst other things. They also acknowledged how lucky they felt to have been immersed in German from Primary School age. With our team encompassing learners of German from birth, from Primary School and from Secondary School onwards, both with and without German-speaking parents, it reflected the inclusive culture of our school very well. The group are very much hoping to be able to participate in further such opportunities.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the German Embassy in London who is working tirelessly to fill the void that many young learners of German feel in the UK and for creating these vital bridges in our community of learners of German.

Dr Daniela Havenstein