MUNUCCLE 2020 (2nd October-4th October) at school room 200, 10  S7 participants (1 bubble in the school).

Words from the students:

Gabriele Marcaletti: « Le munuccle a été une expérience vraiment unique, parce qu’il a été en ligne mais aussi parce que c’est une expérience interactive que je recommande a tous pour apprendre à discuter et à comprendre les points de vue des autres ».

Alissa Sattentau : « MUN was an inspiring and informative experience which allowed me to see global events from an unusual perspective, while also teaching me the formalities and methods of the United Nations. »

Alma Heister Wilhelmsson : “MUN is an event in which you learn to debate and express opinions in a formal manner, representing an assigned country. It helps you build confidence in expressing yourself, whilst meeting new people from various schools around Europe”.

Damien Bielski : “It was enjoyable to debate with other schools and despite being online we still managed to do fun activities outside the main debates. It was also great for my French comprehension.”

Julia Hall : “It was a great experience, even virtually! I learnt about formal discussions, how to argue different views, even if they are not your own and to listen to the views of different countries. I hope we will be able to go to Brussels!”

Giacomo Serpetti : -Although the MUN has been more challenging to follow online, it has been a great experience to negotiate and discuss issues which afflict the world today with students from across Europe. It opens your mind on the world and the dynamics of power between countries with different interests.”