Model European Council 2021

During this last week (15th March – 19th March), nine S6 students participated in a virtual Model European Council (MEC) with other European schools. Europa students represented the governments of Finland and Luxembourg during the MEC. Acting as ministers for these countries, they took part in negotiations on  various matters of concern for the EU. These included homelessness, COVID vaccine nationalism, digital tax, abortion rights, and finding eco-friendly alternatives for transport after the pandemic.

Many political proposals were debated, some were successful and others rejected. Students had to respond to  questions from the press (roles played by other European students).

Europa students were able to learn some valuable skills from this opportunity. The event was a great opportunity to engage in debates and express opinions in a formal situation with clear objectives.

On the final day, all participants had the amazing opportunity to listen to Ursula von der Leyen, the current president of the European Commission.

‘It is a pandemic, not a eurodemic.’ – Finland