Reception 2024 Admissions Information

How offers were made 2022-23

Take a look at the timeline, find out what happens in the first couple of weeks and read our FAQs.


15 January 2024 
Closing date for applications on the website of the county council
16 April 2024 
National Allocation Day: letters (sent by second class post) and emails sent detailing the offer of a school place. If the answer is negative, please make sure to tell the county council that you wish to remain on our continued interest list for round 2. (Usually you can do this via the portal that you used to apply).

The school will receive a list from the county council with the first and second language preference. We will confirm everyone’s language allocation before the deadline at the beginning of May. NB Check your spam e-mail regularly in case our e-mails are sent there.

June 2024 
Second allocation round: This will include all late applications and those that requested to be on our continued interest list. We usually have some places for this round.
End of year
Introduction, hopefully in person.
Summer 24 
We will send login details through the parent portal to those who accepted the place. You will be asked to fill in all missing information and check that all details.
September 2024 
Start of the school year: The children will have the first week to settle in properly before starting full days.

Parent Handbook

It is full of practical information about school life, so be sure to read it please. It is updated every school year, but most of the information will still be relevant. Click here to view:

Frequently Asked Questions


Every child in key stage 1 (Reception included) will be entitled to a free school dinner. We will send out more information on the menus before the end of the summer holidays. We need to inform the catering company of numbers, so please let us know if your child is not making use of them. It is important for the school to know, as we will only get refunded for the actual meals consumed. There is always a vegetarian option.

Where can I buy a school uniform?

There is no school uniform, so you can go shopping wherever you like. Practical and easily washed clothes are a good idea as the Reception year spends a lot of time outside, even when it is muddy! The parent handbook will tell you exactly what you will need.

How do you determine who goes in which class (which language) for reception?

First, we determine a ranking from 1 to 90, where number 1 would be a priority. After the usual priorities, we use the ranking determined by entry to give priority. The Oxfordshire County Council collects preferences at the same time as the applications. They will send us these preferences as soon as the offers for places have been made.

The school then uses the admission rank order and offers the applicant with rank number 1 their first preference, then number 2, etc, until a class is full. When a class is full, we give the next person their second preference. When 2 classes are full, the rest goes to the third class. So it is possible that we offer a French child a place in the Spanish class. Please remember that as a state funded school, we cannot make any decisions based on background and culture, and this is the only unbiased way the school can make this decision.

You will receive an email from the school with the allocated language stream before the deadline to accept the place.

Can I accept the place, but remain on the waiting list for the other class?
The simple answer is – no-. We do not have a waiting list for the other class. When a child enters a class, but does not speak the language, the school invests a lot in helping the child get to the right level. It will only really work, if the child and the family are behind the language and fully supportive. If it is seen as a temporary stage until a place comes up in another language, the child will be less motivated. It will also be disruptive for the other pupils in both classes.

It is possible to withdraw your child and reapply to the school. It has happened in the past that the governors have allowed a change in reception and year 1 to avoid the parents from actually doing so, where the person that wished to move had a clear priority over anyone else on the continued interest list. However, these cases are very rare, so if your heart is set on a certain language, we advise you to turn down the place, and ask to remain on the continued interest list for if a place comes up in that class.

How do I sign up for the After School Club?
Do I need to start teaching my child French/German/Spanish/English?

No, most children can pick it up at school. Our teachers will make allowances for children that do not understand in the first months to make sure they settle in well and happily.

Children are like sponges, so can I expect my child to speak French/German/Spanish in a couple of months?

No, while children would learn the language rather quickly in a full French/German/Spanish environment in and outside of school, remember that the children only have 2,5 school days in the second language. Generally, children will start to understand during the first year, but it will be over 2 years before they really start to speak it actively (and the character of the child in question plays a major role too, of course).

With all the focus on language, will my child get behind in other subjects, like maths?

The school follows the maths curriculum of the European Schools, where the focus is on really understanding smaller numbers before moving on to bigger numbers. This is a deliberate choice, and not because they are “focused on learning another language”. In terms of English, on average the children are slightly behind their peers in KS1 (Reception to year 2), but generally catch up during Key stage 2, while at the same time gaining an additional language. For our KS2 results (end of primary), please go here:

What are the calendar dates for 2021-22?

You can find our calendar here:

Now that you are not a European School anymore, what is your end qualification?

We have obtained accreditation as an IB school for the end qualification, and this program has successfully launched in September 2020 for the then 6th form. You can find more information on our IB page.

There are many stories about schools that are underfunded. Are you impacted by this?

Yes, unfortunately our funding is low but we have benefited from generous voluntary parental donations in the last two years, enabling us to continue to enrich the education of our pupils. For more information on fundraising please see our Fundraising page.