“There’s a great skill to speaking a modern foreign language confidently and coherently. It’s an important part of the MFL curriculum across the United Kingdom and a significant part of linguistic and cultural development for all learners of languages.’


All across Europa School UK speaking modern foreign languages is not only a part of the curriculum but a lived part of our shared cultural heritage. Our pupils are immersed in languages from Reception onwards and speaking is encouraged and celebrated on all levels.

This year a shared initiative by our Deputy Heads in Primary focused on learning and performing poems, with many opportunities being offered across the school year to perform these.

2DE’s amazing pupils met this challenge with extraordinary bravado. They learnt Die Tulpe, a poem by the German poet Josef Guggenmos (1922-2003). This beautiful poem about a tulip emerging out of its bulb and greeting spring fits in perfectly with several topics of the World of Discovery curriculum.

There is no better witness to celebrating speaking than these recitals by some of the children in 2DE.

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