Europa school UKs Model United Nations clubs chosen group of students put in extensive effort in preparation and during the Tournefeuille 2024 MUN conference at the Lycée Marie-Louise Dissard-Françoise. Since October 2023 we met 3 times every week to work on our debating skills and to deepen our understanding of the conference. Which paid off during the memorable conference.


When the MUN club first started to prepare, there were many students interested in participating in the conference. Due to this, everyone had to work hard so that they could show that they were worthy of being the best fit for the conference. During club meetings, our students practiced their research and debating skills so that we could be as prepared as possible. Our school was given a range of countries from every committee within the MUN. Two of our students were chosen to be ambassadors of their dedicated countries. They wrote speeches and presented them in front of the entirety of the participants at the open ceremony.


The conference itself was a great success, it allowed the students to talk and argue about some of the most pressing issues in today’s world just like they would in the real United nations. The students

 were able to gain a deeper understanding of what goes on in a  United Nations conference and how it is run. They were able to practice and improve their public speaking, teamwork, research and debating skills all whilst thoroughly enjoying their time there.

We had two very passionate S6 chairs this year, Emilie In the ECOSOC committee and Lilia in the HRC committee. With their past experience as delegates they were great with supporting and passing on their extensive knowledge onto the new delegates. They performed even better in the conference. They ran and supervised the debates in their committees ensuring they ran smoothly. They helped make sure the topics were all covered and that they could help whenever needed.


Overall This MUN conference was a very valuable experience for all the students who participated. They learnt a lot and were very glad to have been able to go.

Written by Sophie Humphreys S6, Journalist