Primary Fun Run 2023

Europa’s Capital Campaign – The Final Push

For the last 3 years we have been raising money to convert smaller primary areas into new classrooms and create a new Design Lab and we are nearly there. So far we have raised  £33,216 towards our goal of £40,000 and hope to complete the build over the summer.  Please support your children in the fun runs by coming to cheer them on and getting as much sponsorship from friends and family as possible.

Europa’s Capital Campaign – £33,216 Raised so far

£0 £40,000


Why do we need new classrooms?

Currently all three year 6 classes spend some of their week in the secondary block but as the extra class moves up through the secondary school larger classes are needed in that area to accommodate the growth. For the next academic year we cannot physically fit everyone in the spaces that exist.

What is the Design Lab?

All the students at Europa, including primary, will have the opportunity to use this state of the art space designed to accommodate the new MYP Design course. The course challenges students to explore solutions to solve real world problems relevant to them.

When & Where

Please see below for the dates and times for your children’s classes.
Monday 5th June 2023
Year 4 – 08:45
Year 3 – 15:00
Tuesday 6th June 2023
Reception – 08:45
Year 5 – 15:00
Thursday 8th June 2023
Year 1 – 08:45
Year 6 – 15:00
Friday 9th June 2023
Year 2 – 8.45 am

On the field.  The gate will be open for parents of the classes taking part and you can drop off or pick up children taking part and their siblings from the field.

How to set up an individual sponsorship page
To register your child please follow these simple instructions.

Just below the orange donate button is a “Fundraise for us”  button, use this to set up your own fundraising page.

Then SHARE, SHARE, SHARE with all your friends and family by sending your link to them!!!

What to wear & bring

To identify the classes please could they wear t-shirts according to their language stream:
● EE classes please wear Red T-shirts
● DE classes please wear Yellow T-shirts
● FE classes please wear Blue T-shirts

If the weather is good please make sure the children have sunscreen, hats and water bottles. If we have to
rearrange due to inclement weather we will give you as much notice as possible.