Europa School UK students and staff celebrated together following the release of their first ever set of International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma results that will enable students to attend some of the best universities in the world including Oxbridge and universities across Europe such as Heidelberg, Germany and Leiden, The Netherlands.

100% of the students passed the diploma with an average mark of 36 (equivalent to 3 As at A-Level), the average mark for the IB diploma worldwide this year was 32.  Testament to the multilingual model of this unique state school, half of the students (double the global average) gained a bilingual diploma in a range of languages including French, German and Swedish. More than a third were awarded 40 points and above out of a possible maximum of 45 (40 points equates to 4 A*s at A level).

“For every student to achieve the Diploma and 50% also to get the Bilingual Diploma would be spectacular at any time, but in the first year, it is stellar!”  Terry Stock, the Chair of Governors.

“This is an amazing result for the school. I am so happy that we have achieved such a high standard in our first IB Diploma session.”  said Lynn Wood, Principal. 

The school staff and governors celebrated with the students and families on Friday 8th July; the sun shone on  the beautiful quad for their Baccalaureate Proclamation. They welcomed local dignitaries to the event including John Howell, MP and Fulvio Militello of UKAEA in Culham, a neighbour and long time supporter of the school. Many teachers and other staff also joined the celebrations and we were very pleased to welcome Peter Ashbourne, founding headteacher of Europa, back for the event.

Well done to our fabulous students, we will miss you.