Since Europa School UK’s formal acceptance into the Schools: Partners for the Future, PASCH, Network of Schools in 2020, implemented by the Goethe-Institut, Europa School pupils have benefitted greatly from this fantastic partnership. With an ever greater emphasis on Content and Language Integrated Learning, a great opportunity arose to put this cutting-edge approach into practice with two workshops focusing on MINT subjects (Mathematics, Information Technology, Science and Technology) in the Primary Section of Europa School. Conceived at an international PASCH meeting in Hamburg in 2021, Frau Pfliegel from the Goethe-Institut London was instrumental in instigating and making this event happening in collaboration with scientists from the IJF –  Initiative Junge Forscherinnen und Forscher (Young Researchers Initiative) from Germany.

The team from Germany arrived on Thursday night and set to work early on Friday morning to put everything in place for two brilliant workshops.  2DE and 5DE had a wonderful half day of experiments each. The pupils of 2DE went through five stations of exciting experiments such as the Foam Monster, with a playful approach enabling our younger students to access science and technology in the most hands-on way. 5DE with Frau Helmecke were exploring the insides of a ventilator, what components it takes to build one and learned about the power of transmissions. All the experiments were taken from the IJF book  “klein & schlau! Experimente für junge Forscherinnen und Forscher“. The German classes were fortunate in being given copies of this wonderful book so that they can continue experimenting both at home and in school. Our heartfelt thanks go to the Goethe-Institut UK, the fantastic PASCH initiative and to the IJF for running these events completely free of charge to Europa School UK and participating pupils! Dr Daniela Havenstein, PASCH-Coordinator

 If you are interested in finding out more about IJF, please see below:

The IJF – Initiative Junge Forscherinnen und Forscher e.V.

Based in Würzburg (northern Bavaria), the IJF has been committed to innovative STEM education since 2010. It is mainly active in southern Germany and works with pupils and teachers. In 2018, the IJF was recognised as particularly effective for its MINT educational work by Phineo AG, Berlin. Over 70 commercial enterprises, networks, foundations and research institutions support the IJF. Further information