Dear S4 to S7,

We are excited to announce EUROPA’S FIRST EVER MEGA ECO FRIENDLY CLOTHES SWAP on TUESDAY 15th June 2021 at lunchtime outside in the SECONDARY QUAD!

TROUSERS, SKIRTS, T-SHIRTS, HATS, DRESSES, HOODIES, BELTS, SCARVES, JUMPERS, ANYTHING WELCOME! Bring in the clothes that you do not wear anymore (but are clean and in good condition) and swap them for something you would wear!

The way it will work is you get a certain number of tokens (1,2 or 3) for each item of clothing you bring (e.g. a plain t-shirt might get one token whereas a fancy pair of trousers might get 3). This is to make it as fair as possible. You can bring as many items as you want. The more items you bring, the more tokens you get. Then, at lunch you can trade in the value of your tokens for some great new clothes!

Please bring the clothes you want to swap AND YOUR £2 ENTRY FEE to the secondary quad during morning break (or any other time before lunch on Tuesday) in exchange for a wristband and an amount of tokens.

The swap will take place at lunch period 6 (or around lunch for S6s with lunch lessons), when you can get searching for something that you would like!

Please participate, not only to have a great time and help us S7s, but also to repurpose your clothes and boycott the fast fashion industry 💫

If you have any questions feel free to send us an email or contact @esceventspage on Instagram or Facebook

See you there!!
S7 💞🌱🪴🌻