Science week 2021 secondary activities

This photo shows one of the S7 chemistry students grinding up red cabbage to make a vegetable dye. We were doing a two part investigation to see if we could create a colour-fast natural dye. We will be testing the results this week so I could take some more photos tomorrow. The aim is to contrast natural dyes with a group of synthetic dyes known as Azo dyes, which a very colour-fast but which we can’t use because they are toxic. We prepared the cloth in two different ways and want to see if that makes a difference to how long it holds its colour. We made a lot of mess as we also made dyes from beetroot. They enjoyed it after being in lockdown for three months.


S1F Art have been working on a project about the Inuit culture.

They have been learning about the Inuit folklore and visual arts.
In the pictures, the children are painting animals that feature in the folklore tales, using various media.
In S1 Science – we have been looking at physical and behavioural adaptations in plants and animals. The students designed their own adapted animals, then modelled them and explained their adaptations to the