With Christmas fast approaching, promoting a sense of community and bringing people together is more important than ever, especially during these troubling times.

Our project, the Wishing Well For Others does just that! By giving £1 you are able to make a wish for someone else, which you would like to come true. This is a way of helping others in the Christmas spirit.

There will be tickets provided to write the wish on. This with the £1 can be placed into the wishing wells (buckets) – one located in the secondary reception and we, the interacters, will walk around school with the other wishing wells during the breaks and lunches in school (Friday 11th December – Thursday 17th December). After we enter the new year, the Interact Club will hope to make as many of these wishes come true.

This fundraiser will support a project, which provides fuel saving eco stoves in Mubende, Uganda. These eco-stoves use up to 70% less firewood These environmentally friendly stoves, made from free local materials, improve health, save trees and combat climate change.

For more information on this amazing initiative please click here: