Tennis Challenge
Congratulations to those of you that have completed the 4 tournaments of the year. You have now completed the Grand Slam. Now, being an Olympic year, you have the opportunity to complete the Golden Slam. These are by far the hardest challenges to date. Let’s see if you’re up to the challenge!!!
This week we move closer to home and travel to Wimbledon, the 3rd grand slam of the year. 7 new challenges to get your teeth into. Enjoy!


Dear all.

I, together with a friend of mine, who actually played at Wimbledon (!), have come up with this fun and exciting challenge for you to try. There are 4 grand slam tennis tournaments in the year and in order to win one you need to win 7 games of tennis. This week it’s the first grand slam of the year; The Australian Open. Complete the 7 challenges, fill out the log book and email to me. If you complete all four grand slams you will have a chance to go for the golden grand slam, which only one tennis player has ever completed, Steffi Graf, in 1988. Can you match her? Are you up for it? Each grand slam will be revealed each week and will get progressively harder, with the golden challenges being off the scale. 



Introduction to the Grand Slam

Australian Log book

Australian Open