S7 Goodbye

To S7

In these unusual times it was our continuing hope,
To finish the school year with the usual approach
We’d hope to stage the S7 talent show and the cabaret
With students imitating teachers in an amiable way
And muck up day with its traditions and usual pranks
A Head’s nightmare, the Health and safety equivalent of walking the plank
This year sadly we will miss the barbeque on the field
The volleyball match, bouncy castles and friendships sealed
The end of the day in the library with Mrs Wood
The semester reports and exams schedules all understood

Because this year is cancelled, and we are very sorry to say
We have none of those moments and memories at the end of today
But what we have in abundance is a huge amount of affection
To a year group who kept going despite the situation.
So today we hope to give you a great virtual experience
When all the A2 marks are submitted – the end of all things serious
We will raise our teacups and offer you all good cheer
With cakes and S7 teachers but definitely no beer!
And now to a party and a wonderful surprise
To the S7s of 2020 for all to say their goodbyes.
But it is not adieu as we have unfinished business to consider
A cabaret and proclamation to take place in December

Lynn Wood