Europa S7s are going places…
A few numbers:
  • 33 of the 45 S7s applied to University
  • 2 have applied for Art Foundation courses
  • 3 have applied exclusively to universities abroad, although several others have applied both through UCAS and abroad
  • 7 are planning Gap Years (as best they can at present!)
  •  Applications abroad include: Sciences Po (France), Sydney and Montreal, NYU (Abu Dhabi), Denmark, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands (Utrecht College and Maastricht)
  • 7 S8 students (2019 Bacheliers) applied through UCAS or UCAS Conservatoire with guidance from Europa’s team of UCAS advisors
  • 2 S9 students (2018 Bacheliers) applied with school support through UCAS or to Sciences Po courses in France
The group is to be congratulated on the impressive array and volume of offers received including for Graphic Design, Film and Television Production, Set Design, Music (Composition), Politics and Economics or “Sciences Politiques”, Sustainable Development, Geography and International Development, Economics and Econometrics, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Biological Sciences, Marketing and Management, Engineering and Robotics, Liberal Arts, History of Art, Neuroscience or Psychology and Modern Languages or Literature.
From as far north as St Andrew’s (NE Scotland), to as far south as Sydney, from Montreal to Abu Dhabi (NYU), the other likely destinations include Bath, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Exeter, Kent, Kings London, Leeds, Nottingham Trent, Oxford, Southampton, Sussex, Warwick and York.
These have been unsettling times for all those taking exams, but liaison with universities is ongoing and the continuing hard work of the current S7s will be rewarded.  They will be going places – and we just hope the next few months go very smoothly for them.
Tanya Simpson