A poem by Anna Viehhauser in S5 was used as the source for the prayers at the St Frideswide Civic Services at Christchurch Cathedral on Tuesday 22nd October 2019.

The letter of thanks from Red Canon Edmund Newrey was sent to Mrs Wood for Anna’s thoughtful contribution to the service, which is below.

A Symphony of Senses

by Anna Viehhauser

We live in a world of labels, of prejudice and doubt.

We hardly ever take a moment to think: is this what it’s all about?

You’ve heard I have a condition, a disability, a fault.

But what if I told you this condition was not a fault at all?

“Oh darling”, you say, “I wish you could see the stars in the sky.

It’s such a pity that all this beauty passes you by!

But don’t you understand? I just see beauty in a different way!

My body feels darkness, my skin sees the light.

It’s all inside me, it’s all right.

I touch, I hear, I sense, I smell.

The scent of flowers, a melody of humming bees.

The rolling sound of waves against the cliffs, salt in the air and earth on my knees.

An early morning crunch of pebbles on a footpath, cool dewdrops on my feet.

The world is full of beauty if you’re just open to it.

But for me, most of all, it’s in music.

When I listen to music, I’m full of light. When I play the piano, I feel I can fly.

I wish you could, too!

Come on, close your eyes, come with me and give it a try!