This competition, launched in Math’s Week, is the start of an exciting year long project in which we aim to replace some of the older pieces of art around the school with vibrant mosaics.

We would like the mosaics to be designed by the children. The theme is the “Europa School Values”, interpreted through mathematical patterns. These could be patterns such as repeated images, tessellating images, images that increase in size, etc.

The competition is open to all primary children. Your child may have completed an entry in class as part of the Maths Week. However, they are welcome to submit a second entry done at home.

Technical instructions

  • Designs must be done on a sheet of A4 squared paper (for the foreigners among us, also known as “maths paper”, i.e. paper with little squares on it).
  • Each little square must only use one colour
  • Label with full name of pupil and class on the back
  • Returned by 2nd July