The two year five classes one French, one German worked on a joint project during European Hours. Once a week we have met up and spoken about belonging, and what this concept means to us.
The children then explored this notion by means of different artistic media.
These included puppetry, book arts, drama and painting.
This project has been recorded and documented by the children and has been made into a short film.
The project:
Critical Connections II: Moving Forward with Multilingual Digital Storytelling is a global project to boost 21st century literacy in schools using digital storytelling. The two-­year project involves researchers working with students, teachers and parents in  community-­based complementary and mainstream schools in the UK, Algeria, Luxembourg, Palestine, Taiwan and the United States as part of the multilingual programme. The project has the support of the renowned British Film Institute(BFI), British Museum, Museum of London and National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE). It will see film ­making used as a means to encourage students to engage with language learning and embrace intercultural literacy as well as digital literacy.