Why we marched for a People’s Vote

We went to London make our voices heard, and we couldn’t have hoped for a better result. On Saturday the 23rd of March we travelled from Oxford to join the march for a People’s Vote. After we met up, we sat down on a wall with our signs and started chanting. That’s when it all began. Several people started taking pictures of us, and then some people with big cameras joined them. We couldn’t believe our eyes when the campaigner EU Supergirl joined our chanting. Minutes later we were surrounded by photographers, all trying to get a shot of us. One photographer, for the German paper Die Zeit, took a photo of us and then asked us a couple of questions for an interview.

We told them that we were here for the benefit of our school, to save the European Baccalaureate, and thus our future. A large number of of people of the older generation support leave, but it’s our future that’s going to be affected, not theirs. Another reason why we went on the march is to show politicians that even though we’re not able to vote, we want to make our voices heard! We have achieved literally that: once we started marching, we found ourselves not only pictured in online newspapers like the Independent, the Guardian, the Daily Mail, die Süddeutsche Zeitung, the New York Times, but also heard ourselves chanting on Channel 4 News, the BBC, and even German children’s news!

It was all very exciting, and a little bit scary. As we joined the one million people who turned up that day, we knew we were also chanting for many other people, for the school, for our friends, and for everyone who couldn’t come but also thinks Brexit is a bad idea. Now we hope that the politicians will put it to the people, so that we can have a European future.

Rosie, Elin and Kiana S1D