27th March – 29th March 2019

The Model European Council (MEC) Programme is a yearly political simulation organised by the European Schools. Selected students from each of the 12 schools take on roles as politicians from the 27 member states of the EU, and take part in a 3-day run of council and plenary sessions.

It is an enormous and very complex role-play. The European Commission – with support from the real Commission – prepares the proposals before the summit of the Council. The teams taking on the roles of ministers and heads of state then debate these proposals and decide upon them. The topics on the agenda are always the same issues the EU is currently working on.

This year we were kindly hosted by the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. Our delegates from year S6 represented two countries Hungary (Lily-Mae, Daniel, Carmen, Anna and Molly) and Portugal (Ines, Nathalie, Maya, Saskia and Josephine).

I commend them for their excellent contributions and performance at the conference.