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Reception 2015 Admissions

Addition of a Spanish/English class.

84 Reception places in total.

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We are happy to announce enlargement to three form entry for Reception year group starting in September, 2015.

That means there will be three classes of 28 pupils each:

  • RDE: learning through German and English
  • REE: Learning through Spanish and English
  • RFE: Learning through French and English

We have an additional open morning for interested parents to learn about the school:

Tuesday, 13th January from 09:30 to 11:00

Admissions information 

Message from the principal

By building your child’s cultural awareness and linguistic confidence, our school opens up the opportunities of an increasingly linked world. Our name and programme reflect our pan-European nature. Pupils become fluent in two languages: English as well as German, French or Spanish. Our vision takes us beyond this starting point and families choose us as a place of welcome for all languages, a challenge we relish, as we know the outstanding benefits of multilingual education.

In their first year at our school, many pupils become acquainted with a new language and a good foundation is built across the curriculum for all. As the pace of learning accelerates, the conceptual skills built by a multilingual approach benefit learning in all areas.

In a context where every child has a story to tell, and riches to receive from others, there is a strong sense of happiness about the school.

Peter Ashbourne