School events 2012- 2014

St Martin 11th November 2013

This after-school event is a nice custom on the site, as the German Section of  the European School Culham used to organize it, and we have been very happy to have been invited to participate last November. This year ESC is not part of it because their pupils are older; we have decided to renew the tradition, in accordance with our ethos: the German/English classes invite the French/English ones.

Our German teachers have explained St Martin’s story to the French/English pupils, there have been common singing sessions, and all the pupils have decorated their lanterns in class. Some classes have prepared pastries as well.

Europa School was happy and proud to welcome so many joyful children and parents this night at the Laternenfest.

 IMG 8318

 IMG 8313

Extreme Reading - 6 March 2014

This year's World Book Day topic was extreme reading and our pupils participated enthusiastically. Children cramped themselves into a packed Mini to read, a whole class read together in the small office of the head (with the head listening in!), and another one on top of playground equipment. 

Both staff and children made an effort to dress up in their favourite book characters. 




World Book Day 1 Car Challenge

World Book Day 2 Office Challange

Paul Cookson

3DE and 3FE had the great opportunity to meet the well-loved children’s poet Paul Cookson on the 10th of April in the school. We started off with an assembly where Paul introduced his poems with amazing showmanship.

In the afternoon both classes got the chance to get an insight of the real work of a poet and they created their own version of a school poem. The pupils enjoyed the visit very much:

He was really funny because he made lots of Jokes said Joseph.

He should be made a comedian for children said Tania.

I loved  the poem of the tarantulator best states Isaac.

The music was good too thinks Oscar.

I liked it best when he taught us how to write a poem said Thomas.

He made such great fun of pupils and teachers said Jaap

Science Project

Our science project started before Christmas and was in full swing these last weeks. Our classes from Reception to Year 3 developed experiments, made hypotheses and tested them, reflected on the results and created models. They worked in many different areas related to ice, wind, flying, rolling, electricity, volcanoes, etc. All the children were involved in the project. Parents at home heard a lot about these experiments, helping their children to get information and to test their “theories”.

The project reached its pinnacle with our Science fair on 20 February 2014, where parents were invited to share with the children some of their experiences. It was a great day, as the photographs below, made by one of our parents, illustrate. A lot of enthusiastic feedback was received from parents and children alike, as well as some constructive suggestions.

Overall it has been a great success. We have fulfilled comprehensively our aim of specialising in Science. Our collaboration with Frederic Charles, a French specialist in science teaching, with the support of our science coordinator Miss Amélie, produced extraordinary results, bearing in mind it was the first such event at the school. We are already planning next year’s event, which will include several innovations and improvements.

Our interaction with the sciences is not yet finished for this year. A lot of new class projects were initiated following our science project, to do with nurturing animal and plant life, technology and so on. The energy and enthusiasm of the children has reached volcanic levels throughout the school!

Pascal Maréchau

Head of Primary

Click here for a slide show of the science fair.

Architecture Workshops

In collobaration with The European School, the school organised some architecture workshops for our years 1, 2 and 3 on 25 and 26 March. 

  • Year 3 made did Bridges, Maths & Design
  • Year 2 did Brige building
  • Year 1 Tetra

The children had a great time, were enthusiastic and engaged, and we believe they may even have learnt something about how structures are held together! 

Download March 2014 114 Copy

Architecture Workshop1

Architecture Workshop2

Christmas Concert

The children invited their parents for a concert on the 12th of December.

The children performed in two sessions, as our parent community is now too big to fit in one hall! The children loved showing their parents how well they can sing in 2 languages and the concert showed a real improvement in comparison with last year. The children sang louder and more clearly and were obviously very proud.

We hope the parents enjoyed it as much as the school staff did!

Our PTA has kindly added the songs on their language recourses website: http://esuklanguageresources.weebly.com


Christmas Concert 2014


A visit from Sinterklaas

On the morning of the 6th of December, St Nicholas came to visit the school. Our pupils joined the European School primary pupils in welcoming him with songs in various languages. It was very impressive to hear Dutch songs being performed perfectly by 2 classes of the European School! And our children did a great performance with "Look there is the steamer" (Zie ginds komt de stoomboot). 

The event was not completely uneventfull though. It seemed that one of the accompanying "Zwarte Pieten" had found its way to the art room and turned himself in a Rainbow Piet. Also, one of them decided to play a prank on some children of 2FE. Their missing box of candy was finally found on the roof.



Action Against Hunger 1

Thursday the 8th of May 2014 pupils of Europa School UK have participated in the Race against Hunger.

It has been a huge event, all the children were enthusiastic, and numerous parents who were able to come were impressed. It has been a wet race, of course, as last year (good sun the day before and the day after, even in the afternoon when the race was finished, but we were expecting that…), so we changed the location and the children ran in the tennis court to avoid the mud.

Children were totally happy and engaged, and, as a mother noticed, “they know very well why they run, the awareness session made by ACF was great!” I have had the opportunity to check it myself during the Assembly the day before, when I explained to the whole school how the money raised last year has been used – helping the children from Philippines, a country deeply hit by the super typhoon Haiyan on November 8.

Thank you to all the children for their great effort and to their parents, neighbours and friends for sponsoring them!

Run Against Hunger 2