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Sports & fun

On Sunday 13/03 a team consisting of Rapha (3FE), Ben and Indi (3DE) playing for Wallingford Rugby Club were winners of the Reading tournament for their group in the U8s. Well done!
Europa Rugby Winners

Primary Maths Challenge 2016 - Medal Time

It was Europa School's first time to participate in this national challenge (open to Year 5 and 6) which consists of two stages: an in-school competition and a competition on a worldwide level, the bonus round. We are very pleased to report that Aidan Groth (5DE) not only managed to enter the bonus round but also won a bronze medal. What a wonderful achievement for a Year 5 boy! We very warmly congratulate Aidan on his success.

Frau Havenstein

Young Art 2016

Many congratulations go to Ben, Hanna-Roza and Max for having their pictures chosen for the Young Art Oxford exhibition in the Ashmolean in May. In 2015, there were around 3200 entries and 522 of these were selected by a panel of judges. I am sure the number of entries was even higher this year. Max called his picture: 'The demon dragon versus the speedy snake' and Hanna-Roza explained that 'My pets are funny, so I imagined sending them on holiday and that made me laugh." We are very much looking forward to seeing their fantastic pictures in the exhibition!

Frau Havenstein




Art Exhibition

2014-15 We organised our very first art exhibition. We hope to make this a tradition. The children loved it, and there were many great displays!

Art Exhibition

Young artists 2015

This year 4 of our pupil's artwork has been selected to be displayed in Oxford's Ashmolean Museum gallery in May as part of the Young Art Oxford competition 

  • Sofija Kornega (Year 2)
  • Max Waugh (Year 2)
  • Matias Kolb (Year 3)
  • Hannah Abbas (Year 4) 

They have had an overwhelming 3,200 pictures submitted this year and the judges have had a wonderful time choosing the 520 pictures to be hung at the Ashmolean. Congratulations to our winners, and participants, well done!

Art Competition

Max Waugh - 2DE

Swimming certificates

In the assembly of the 4th of February 2015, Mr Maréchau gave our Year 4 pupils their swimming certificates. The school is very proud of them!

Wir lesen vor

 IMG 3152

Im Rahmen der “Zeit”-Aktion “Wir lesen vor!” besuchten die Schüler der DP4 und DP5 der Europäischen Schule am Freitag, dem 21. November 2014, die Kinder der 3DE der Europa Schule. Nach einer kurzen Vorstellungsrunde wurden die Schüler einander zugeteilt und lasen sich gegenseitig aus mitgebrachten Büchern vor. Zum Abschluss trafen sich die Kinder im Sitzkreis und lauschten den Lesevorträgen der Lehrerinnen. 

Pantomime - Peter Pan

Compte-rendu pour le site de l'école

Lundi 1er décembre, nous sommes allés au théâtre voir Peter Pan.

Les acteurs étaient formidables, drôles et chantaient joliment. Les costumes étaient beaux et la musique nous donnait envie de danser.

Deux acteurs changeaient constamment de rôle. Ils étaient surtout drôles mais moches en sirène.

A la fin du spectacle, nous avons jeté des balles sur Capitaine Hook pour le faire tomber dans la bouche de Tic-Toc Crocodile.

Nous avons tous bien aimé.

 Merci beaucoup

 Les élèves de 3FE

Enrichment concert

Europa School's first Enrichment Concert on 29 April 2014 has been a great success and the children have performed with admirable poise and confidence in front of their audience. They showed their skills on the piano, oboe and violin. Some of our young musicians have also participated in the Oxford Music Festival in January and in the Abingdon Music Festival in May. Many congratulations go to all of our young performers! 

Enrichment Concert 2014