Staff 045

Peter Ashbourne, Principal


The early part of my teaching career was spent in the UK system, first in two schools in Essex and subsequently in the British School of Paris. I then spent ten years at the European School of Brussels II. As a Mathematics teacher I found great satisfaction in such a well constructed curriculum that gave students at all levels a good understanding of Mathematics and confidence in its application. The benefits were clear, as I had on average three students a year going on to study the subject at university, and doing so with great success.


After Brussels, I spent some years in the International Baccalaureate system, with leadership positions in school in Bosnia, Slovakia and Switzerland. I also served on the committee revising the IB Mathematics curriculum and have been on the Board of the International Schools Mathematics Teachers Foundation for the last 17 years and have led teacher workshops in this and other capacities throughout that time.


In 2012 I left, not without a final glance, my office overlooking Lac Neuchâtel and the Alps to join this exciting project, expanding the reach of European education to a wider audience and continuing the highly successful work of 35 years of the European School of Culham. The Europa School UK is a unique state school offering multilingual education leading to the prestigious European Baccalaureate. I can think of no better reason to return to these shores after 25 years abroad.