School trips

Europa School believes in learning outside of the premises, and we aim to take our pupils out on a regular basis to discover art, science and nature from up close and personal. A picture in the Ashmolean can speak volumes!

Year 5 School trip to Hill End November 2015

The children in Year 5 have visited Hill End Outdoor Learning Centre as part of their learning on animal habitats and ecosystems. We began the day by exploring some habitats for moles and slow worms and learning how the animals had adapted to their environment. Class 5FE were lucky enough to snatch a glimpse of two field mice sleeping in their nest! We then investigated an ancient wood (more than 500 years old!) and discovered how ivy is a parasite for some of the trees.  Later in the day, we learnt how to construct some water-proof shelters to keep us warm and dry. When Jan tested the shelters with water, some of us got a bit of a sprinkle! We finished the day by exploring a stream habitat –getting a bit wet and muddy in the process!  All in all, Year 5 were a credit to the school with their impeccable behaviour and their enthusiasm for learning!

5FE Hill End 1 

5FE Hill End 2 

5FE Hill End 3 

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