School events

Our school is a lively place, and it's hard to keep this place up-to-date! So if you have anything you wish to see here, please send your text to our office!

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Art exhibition

The third art exhibition of 2017 was again a great succes. The children enjoy making the art work and the parents enjoyed visiting the art exhibition in the Chapel. Thanks to Ms Linsley for her hard work coordinating it all and Mrs Bray for the lovely poster she made!

5FE Art Exhibition 2017 Poster 1

Musical Highlights 2017

This year's Enrichment Concert took place on 12 May 2017 in the beautiful surroundings of the Chapel. With over 40 performances, it provided a show case of the enormous musical talent we have at Europa School, and bore witness to the fantastic support of our wonderful parents. At Europa we believe in giving all our talented performers a platform irrespective of their age. Thus we had performers from Reception through to Year 6, all playing with great enthusiasm and marvellous skill. All our performers deserve a huge round of applause and we very much look forward to hearing more of them! Dr Havenstein

See th program.

Halloween - 2DE

IMG 3202B


5FE wins Digital Story Telling Festival 2015-16

The class went to London yesterday, 16 June 2016, in a 5 star bus to collect the unexpected prize for their 5 minute video project in the British Film Institute. The screening at school is next week and staff and parents can't wait. Well done 5FE, we are very proud!

You can read more about the project here, and the link to all the films can be found here.



Ulrike Draesner visits Europa School June 2016

Photo 1

Pupils in 4DE and 5DE were exceptionally lucky last week to meet Ulrike Draesner, one of Germany’s well known authors, a Visiting Fellow at New College and writer in residence at the Faculty for Medieval and Modern Languages, Oxford, face to face. Frau Draesner’s work spans poetry, novels and essay writing winning many prizes such as the Joachim-Ringelnatz-Preis für Lyrik in 2014 and the Usedomer Literaturpreis 2015. She gave lively accounts of how she became a writer (disliking poetry as child until a gifted teacher opened up this world for her), of the processes of writing itself and of what it means to be a writer. The pupils learned about the importance of the ‘Kino im Kopf’ for writing and had an excellent answer and question session which spanned everything from Frau Draesner’s favourite football team (she comes from Bavaria so there may be a clue here) to how many interviews she has given in her life (this involved quite difficult calculations!). We are very grateful indeed to Frau Draesner for being such an inspiration to our pupils and hope some will emulate her example!

Frau Havenstein (with many thanks to Jutta Weber for suggesting and supporting the event)