PTA and parents


The school is very proud of its involved parent community and its active Parent Teacher Association. They have done a brilliant job of presenting the PTA and its members on their website, so if you want to know more about it please go to:

Summer Fete

Summer 1 Orig

Christmas Fair 

Christmas Fair

St Martin

Friday 11 November after school the children will share songs and a story with their lantarns. The parents can enjoy summe traditional mulled wine and there are Weckermann for all! 

The summer fete will be held on the 11th of June.




Sports relief

£368.68 was raised by parents running on a treadmill from 08.00 until 16.00. The school is very impressed with 
the general fitness of the parents in question, and thank you for showing the children that it's worth it to
put in an effort for people less fortunate than we are. Thank you Astrid Heidenreich for your unstoppable
enthusiasm in setting up this (and other) event.

Christmas Fair - 05 December 10.00-12.00

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Summer fete 20/06

 A sunny Saturday. lovely food, plenty of activities, and the 4 hours of fete were gone before we knew it. It was great fun and superbly organised, thank you PTA and parents for all the donations!

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DIY session 06/06/2015

The DIY session was  a very productive day! The benches look like new and the playground equipment exciting. The school thanks the PTA for their donation of materials and 3 new tricycles. And we thank the many parents that came and gave up their Sunday to help out the school. It was a really nice day!

Sainsbury vouchers

Thank you everyone for bringing in the vouchers. We have a collected a grand total of 6609 vouchers.


Some volunteer parents have refurbished our year 3 cloakroom. It looks great and professional, thank you very much!

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An Aeroplane has landed

The school wants to thank the PTA for its donation that we used to buy this equipment for the Reception/Year 1 playground. The previous equipment had to be removed, as the foundation was rotten, and this new bright plane is exactly what the young ones like!