School Dinners

The school dinners are provided by Accent Catering and cooked freshly on site. The school is a nut-free environment, so the meals are nut-free. For other allergies and special diets (religious,e.g.), please contact the office to discuss possibilities. Since the younger pupils are served by a limited number of school staff, we cannot provide an a la carte menu, we try to cater for everyone's wishes as best we can without any guarantees! 

Concerning healthy food: the children have vegetables every day. The dessert is a choice between pudding, yoghurt and fruit. Children in Keystage 1 also have fruit in the morning break.

Can you please mention clearly in an e-mail if your child needs a vegetarian meal the first week and we are not aware of it yet, as it will take us some time to go through all the enrolment forms in detail.

Keystage 1 children (Reception, Year 1 and 2) will be provided with a free school dinner.