After school activities

After School Activities

Even after school hours, our site is quite a vibrant place. Not only can you see some teachers and administrative staff often around, there are also plenty of activities. This section will provide an accurate overview of all activities and who to contact for information on each one, as there are 4 organising parties! Just click on the link for contact information or the form.

All days: the independent on-site Culham After School Club, provides for all ages after-school fun and care until 18.00, in so far as space allows. Please contact Mrs Ruth Mullen for more information. She also runs holiday clubs for the weeks that our school's holidays do not coincide with the rest of Oxfordshire, and can provide for teacher training days if there is sufficient interest.

Please read our After school club protocol carefully, if you decide to enrol your child. The independent providers CESPA and LECA may have their own additional regulations. 

The PTA also publishes activities for parents and some that are open to both pupils from the school or other local schools. 

Please return the forms you can find here by e-mail or bring them into our reception. 

Subscriptions for guitar lessons will now be handled by the County Council Music service. Please sign up here: 

Updated for April 2017

LECA overview of the language courses 






If children are interested in organised football training at weekends, Europa Titans are always looking for new members. Age range flexible depending on number interested (e.g. it would be difficult for a single year 1 pupil).