School trips 2012-14

Year 2 trip to the Environmental Education Centre

Their final school trip has led 2DE and 2FE to the Sutton Courtenay Environmental Education Centre. Both classes had time to explore some of the gorgeous 19-acre nature reserve before embarking on a Habitat safari, exploring the woodland and going mini-beast hunting discovering millepedes, centipedes, beetle larvae, hog lice and various other creatures.

After lunch, the children had some time in the musical garden and the sensory experience area and were able to discover dens and hide-outs in the woodland. Then it was off to pond dipping much to the delight of all participants. Each child fished for tadpoles, pond snails or lesser known creatures! These were carefully put into containers carried back and examined in the classroom where the lovely education officers offered unique views of the mini-beasts under the microscope enlarging them on the whiteboards (the creatures were released into their natural habitat after having been in the spotlight). All children 'passed' their pond passport identifying and drawing their catch.

 Frau Havenstein

Year 2 Earth Trust trip

2DE and 2FE went to the Earth Trust in glorious sunshine on 10 March. On arrival they had a short presentation about the yearly cycle of farming. All were astonished to learn that we only have long summer holidays because children were needed to help in the summer with the harvest! Both classes took turns to make creamy butter, have a go at milking a cow (albeit a fake one), produce delicious muesli and plant some seeds. Lunch was enjoyed outside in the garden, with both classes having time to explore the greenery around them and to have a look at the chickens. Running up a steep hill (and down!) proved that all children were fantastic athletes. Finally, we learnt how to be animal detectives and found some very interesting paw prints in a little wood alongside the plentiful signs of early spring. Aurelia from 2DE said that this was her best school trip ever. Nobody would disagree with her!

Frau Havenstein

 Behind Tree


Sutton Courtenay Nature Reserve

The 5th of June 2014 the 2 year 2 classes went to another trip in our nature-rich area. The Nature Reserve is actually quite close to the industrial Didcot power station, but you wouldn't believe it when you are there. The friendly staff helped the children determine what exactly a habitat is. It needs shelter, food, water and air, and the children came up with plenty of examples, just by looking around and linking what they had been taught in class to the great (and dry!) outdoors. 

  Nature Reserve 1

Nature Reserve 2

Earth Trust

On the 25th of March our year 2 went to the Earth Trust in Little Wittenham to learn more about spring time. They watched how little lambs are born and were told everything about the bonding between mothers and lambs. 

There was also a long walk up the Wittenham Clumps. A long walk for the teachers anyway, the children seemed to fly up there! There they explored and looked for signs of spring, which they could then reproduce with clay in the outdoors.

The weather was nice and the children had a great time. We can recommend all parents to go and explore this amazing venue on our doorstep! 

Up The Hill


Farmer Gow's Farm

As part of this terms topic on ‘Animals’ The Reception classes visited Farmer Gow’s Farm 6th of May and had a wonderful day!

Feeding Pollyanna the Sow 


 Time to feed the baby lambs


Trip to the Ashmolean

The 4th of March 2014 our reception classes visited the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. The photos were too dark to publish, so we encourage you to go to this great museum on our doorstep and enjoy their artwork for yourselves!