Maths week 2016 22/02-25/02

This week has seen the third year of Europa School running Maths Day events. This time all year groups did maths work over two days; either Tuesday and Wednesday or Wednesday and Thursday. This was so everyone could participate in a problem Solving Workshop run by an outside group who visited on Tuesday and Thursday. These sessions particularly concentrated on shapes, tangrams, tessellation, patterns and co-ordinates. The feedback from everyone was very positive and that the collaborative discussion based approach was really good for children at all levels.

Alongside this different year groups have carried out in class problems, challenges and maths in art. Year 5 have had a challenging project based around probability, chance and code breaking. Whereas, Reception classes have done lots of “bean counting” through solving problems around the theme of Jack and the Beanstalk.

One of the highlights has been cross year group work, where older children have helped younger classes solve maths challenges, using resources and leading maths talk on possible ways to find solutions. Year 5 even made resources to take with them for the Reception children.

Thank-you to all the staff for their commitment to these maths days and the children for embracing the challenges.

Problem Solving 1Problem Solving 2

Befana January 2016 

The school always celebrates a number of cultural happenings, like Sinterklaas, Sankt Martin, and Befana. Please read the story of Befana on Wikipedia

 IMG 20150109 101041370 HDR

Christmas Fair 2015

Our Christmas fair is becoming quite the event. Plenty of lovely hampers to be won (each class provides one), delicious food provided by parents, a magical grotto and plenty of activities. Children, parents and staff had a lovely time, thanks to all the input of the PTA and other volunteers!

IMG 3060


Maths Day 23rd June 2015

23rd June 2015 Europa School UK had its second Maths Day. It was a fabulous event with children from every class taking part in many different and exciting mathematical based activities. Every child has participated in a Maths Trail. Involving mathematical questions set in the different playgrounds, written by children for other children. This was a brilliant way of putting maths into context and stretching the children’s imagination around many different maths concepts.
Most classes have also completed some mathematical art work; including Year 4 fraction quilts, Year 3 creating a beaded picture from a graphed design, Year 2 pop-up cards, Year 1 Geometric stained glass pictures and Reception classes backward number line caterpillars and trains.
Along with this some children have taken maths books to lead into maths work like “The Great Pet Sale” being used for money challenges and “10 is a Crab and 1 is a snail” leading to multiplication array posters. Some children even managed to fit in some mathematical investigations. It culminated in everyone sharing this excellent work in a whole school assembly at the end of the day.
There was a definite buzz around the whole school with children enjoying the numerous activities.
Belinda Durkin - Maths coordinator & 1FE teacher

Run against Hunger 15 May 2015

Get, set, ready, GO! A first in the sunshine, our children ran to support other children in the Action against Hunger. Their motivation was inspirational and their stamina impressive! Well done everyone! If you want to support the charity, you can do so on our justgiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/europaschool

Run Against Hunger

A visit from Perform

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 were very pleased to receive a visit from Perform on Thursday 7th May. The children had a wonderfully energetic time exploring the theme of Circus Adventure and using drama, dance and singing to help develop their confidence, concentration and social skills.

To complement the workshop, there is a free educational app for iPhones and iPads based around the theme of Circus Adventure. It contains fun games, creative tasks and videos of the themed songs and dances. Click here to download it free or here to find out more about the Circus Adventure theme.

Perform run regular weekly classes in the local area and they are offering a special introductory discount to all parents of Europa School Uk if they come along for a free trial session before Thursday 28th May. Click here for the nearest locations. To claim your discount, just call Perform on 020 7255 9120 quoting EURO280515 or visit perform.org.uk to find out more.

Enrichment concert 2015

Enrichment Concert 2015 B

Enrichment Concert 2015 Small

Europa School held its second Enrichment Concert on 23 March 2015 with participants from all the years of the school. They included two girls from Reception who showed no trepidation whatsoever in performing in front of an audience. There was a fantastic variety of pieces on the piano, the violin and voice. The audience was very impressed by our young artists who bowed professionally at the end of their performances with lovely smiles, which complimented their musical achievements in the most perfect manner. It was a great pleasure, too, to see so many enthusiastic (and capable) parents performing alongside their children. Europa School is very lucky indeed to have so much talent.

Frau Havenstein


It was a big event within the school, with all the classes from Reception to Yr4 getting involved during the whole week, culminating in watching the actual eclipse on Friday. It was great to see all the children in the morning, truly enthusiastic and focused, observing the phenomenon; everyone was safely wearing the special glasses. We have been lucky enough to see the clouds slightly dispersing in the sky, showing the moon hiding the sun. We heard that many schools in UK and on the continent had banned children to see the eclipse, confining them to the classrooms. It is such a pity, an anti-educative and anti-scientist attitude. Europa is keen about science, determined not to deprive our pupils of this exceptional spectacle.


Photo 1


World book day

An account of a number of Year 1 pupils:

Year 1 Account C

Year 1 Account AYear 1 Account B

Les Trois Chardons - Theatre

On 23/02 the French Theatre company Les Trois Chardons performed for our French speaking pupils. They really enjoyed it of course. 

Korky Paul visit

Thursday 22nd January the school received a special guest, Korky Paul, the multi-awarded author who illustrated very famous children’s books, including Winnie the Witch. All the classes have got workshops with him, and the children were totally captivated. Korky has drawn a nice poster for each class, and at the end of the day, there has been a very successful Book Signing time. Parents and children were queuing until outside the Drama-Studio…

That evening, a year4 pupil sent him a drawing inspired by him  by email, here is his answer: “Thanks for taking the time to send me those pictures you did. Excellent drawing skills, well done. I had a great day at your school. You are very lucky to be at such a wonderful place. Keep up the drawing!”

Thank so much Korky for having been so inspiring for our pupils!

Korky Paul 1


Korky Paul 2

Los Reyes Magos and La Befana

Friday 9th January Los Reyes Magos (the three kings) and La Befana visited the school.

Befana 1

 Befana 2


On the 5th of December, Sinterklaas visited the school. The children of 4DE, 4FE and 2FE made him especially proud singing a Dutch song beautifully. Also, the Dutch and Belgian children did a great performance for Sinterklaas teaching the whole school some easy Dutch words like bal, pop, schatkist and vliegtuig. Sinterklaas was very impressed one of his Pieten told me.

  IMG 3035   IMG 3053IMG 3055      IMG 3041

Sankt Martin

Sankt Martin, the German lantern festival, to honour the saint of the same name, is one of the highlights of the Europa School calendar. Each year all of keystage 1 make lanterns in class and go on a festive procession around the school on the evening of November 11 2014. 

Sankt Martin 2DE


Drama Workshop 22/10/14

All Europa School children in keystage 1 today enjoyed a fantastic workshop by Perform today. They had an amazing time making freeze frames, being from different planets and sprinkling friendship dust. What a fantastic morning!