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Our school is a lively place, and it's hard to keep this place up-to-date! So if you have anything you wish to see here, please send your text to our office!

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Halloween - 2DE

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5FE wins Digital Story Telling Festival

The class went to London yesterday, 16 June 2016, in a 5 star bus to collect the unexpected prize for their 5 minute video project in the British Film Institute. The screening at school is next week and staff and parents can't wait. Well done 5FE, we are very proud!

You can read more about the project here, and the link to all the films can be found here.



Ulrike Draesner visits Europa School June 2016

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Pupils in 4DE and 5DE were exceptionally lucky last week to meet Ulrike Draesner, one of Germany’s well known authors, a Visiting Fellow at New College and writer in residence at the Faculty for Medieval and Modern Languages, Oxford, face to face. Frau Draesner’s work spans poetry, novels and essay writing winning many prizes such as the Joachim-Ringelnatz-Preis für Lyrik in 2014 and the Usedomer Literaturpreis 2015. She gave lively accounts of how she became a writer (disliking poetry as child until a gifted teacher opened up this world for her), of the processes of writing itself and of what it means to be a writer. The pupils learned about the importance of the ‘Kino im Kopf’ for writing and had an excellent answer and question session which spanned everything from Frau Draesner’s favourite football team (she comes from Bavaria so there may be a clue here) to how many interviews she has given in her life (this involved quite difficult calculations!). We are very grateful indeed to Frau Draesner for being such an inspiration to our pupils and hope some will emulate her example!

Frau Havenstein (with many thanks to Jutta Weber for suggesting and supporting the event)

Summer fete 11 June 2016

On behalf of the Europa PTA and CESPA we would like to thank to all the people who helped make Saturday the success it was, especially the legion of willing volunteers. 
We would especially like to thank M. Marechau for being a great sport and can you all work on Mr Peter Ashbourne for next year.
Early indications are that we have raised over £2500 which will go towards improving the mud situation in the school playgrounds.

Enrichment Concert 18 May 2016

Europa’s schools young musicians stunned their audience by their extremely confident and musically expressive performances on Wednesday afternoon against the beautiful back-drop of the Chapel. We were extremely pleased to see such a variety of repertoire and instruments – from classic to modern to their own compositions and from piano, violin, cello, voice, bassoon to drums and electric guitar! Personally, I have been stunned by watching the progress these young musicians have made over the last three years and I am hoping that we will be able to establish our own orchestra soon. If any flautists were forthcoming, we would be delighted. We are also very grateful to the fantastic violin tuition from the County Council. A very warm round of applause goes to all the young musicians!

Frau Havenstein



Art week 2016 03/05-06/05

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Lovely art work from all our classes in the Chapel.

Maths week 2016 22/02-25/02

This week has seen the third year of Europa School running Maths Day events. This time all year groups did maths work over two days; either Tuesday and Wednesday or Wednesday and Thursday. This was so everyone could participate in a problem Solving Workshop run by an outside group who visited on Tuesday and Thursday. These sessions particularly concentrated on shapes, tangrams, tessellation, patterns and co-ordinates. The feedback from everyone was very positive and that the collaborative discussion based approach was really good for children at all levels.

Alongside this different year groups have carried out in class problems, challenges and maths in art. Year 5 have had a challenging project based around probability, chance and code breaking. Whereas, Reception classes have done lots of “bean counting” through solving problems around the theme of Jack and the Beanstalk.

One of the highlights has been cross year group work, where older children have helped younger classes solve maths challenges, using resources and leading maths talk on possible ways to find solutions. Year 5 even made resources to take with them for the Reception children.

Thank-you to all the staff for their commitment to these maths days and the children for embracing the challenges.

Problem Solving 1Problem Solving 2

Befana January 2016 

The school always celebrates a number of cultural happenings, like Sinterklaas, Sankt Martin, and Befana. Please read the story of Befana on Wikipedia

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Christmas Fair 2015

Our Christmas fair is becoming quite the event. Plenty of lovely hampers to be won (each class provides one), delicious food provided by parents, a magical grotto and plenty of activities. Children, parents and staff had a lovely time, thanks to all the input of the PTA and other volunteers!

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