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Fundraising Goal

We’re aiming to raise £174,000. So far we’ve raised £50,787

£0 £174,000

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Why does Europa need to raise money?

Europa is trying to do more than a typical state school, with lower than average funding, at a time when government funding of state schools is very tight anyway. Many schools are struggling to make ends meet without making significant cuts to staffing and curriculum. More critically, Europa is still in a transition stage: with only 2 language streams from P5 to S7, a number of pupils in S4 – S7 who transferred from the European School with other first languages and new classrooms needed to accommodate the growing school. Lower than expected funding allocations, lagged funding (funding for new classes only being received the academic year after the class opens), increased costs (pay increases, NI and pension costs and general inflation), and limited reserves leave the school unable to cover the costs of the transition stage without raising additional funds.

Please also read the frequently asked questions regarding funding.

Why are schools at breaking point?

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New Classroom appeal

Thank you to all the children for taking part and to all the families and friends who sponsored them, the fun runs raised an amazing £12,687.74.

This means we have the funds available to build a new classroom and are working hard to get the project off the ground.